Spring Flowers! Flower Repeated Addition Worksheets for Kids

Looking for some fun spring worksheets for kids? These spring flower repeated addition worksheets are great for introducing the concept of multiplication!
Use these spring-themed flower repeated addition worksheets to help kids practice learning how to multiply!
Spring Flower Repeated Addition Worksheets - Look! We're Learning!

We’re about a month out for spring, but I’m ready for it NOW.

Like yesterday.

Today, I’m excited to share a brand new set of spring worksheets for kids: Flower Repeated Addition Worksheets that are perfect for early grades!

I’ve been working on the concept of multiplication with my boys this year.

Once you get the idea that multiplication is just adding groups of numbers rapidly, then it’s easier to understand how to solve multiplication problems.

And repeated addition is a big help in mastering that concept.

Fun Flower Repeated Addition Worksheets for Early Grades

This set of math worksheets features repeated addition problems in a fun spring theme!

Read on to see how to get your copy! And don’t miss our printable All About Flowers Spring Unit Study!

Use these flower repeated addition worksheets to help early grade students practice adding and basic multiplying!

Spring Worksheets for Kids: Flower Repeated Addition Worksheets

To use these flower repeated addition worksheets, you’ll need the following: (This post contains affiliate links. For details, see our Disclosure Policy.)

Printable Flower Themed Repeated Addition Worksheets

This product includes two worksheets that display the concept of repeated addition.

Flower Themed Repeated Addition Worksheets for Kids

As well as two worksheets that use the same flower groups to display basic multiplication.

Spring Themed Repeated Addition Worksheets

The addition problems are fairly simple and only use numbers from 1 to 6.

There are problems that show 3 + 3 + 3, which is the same as 3 x 3, 5 + 5, which is the same as 2 x 5, and so on.

Flower Repeated Addition Worksheets for Early Grade Students

The multiplication worksheets are a wonderful introduction to multiplying for early grades!

And you can laminate them and use them with dry erase markers at math centers.

Repeated Addition Worksheets for Early Grades

A complete answer key is also included!

Scroll down to get your set of Spring Flower Addition Worksheets!

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These fun weather STEM activities for kids are excellent for simple spring science experiments! Simple enough for home or the classroom!

To get your copy of our Spring Repeated Addition Worksheets, click the image or the link below to grab it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Flower Themed Addition and Multiplication Worksheets

> Flower Addition Worksheets – Teachers Pay Teachers <

These flower themed repeated addition worksheets are a wonderful math activity for spring math lessons! Use them at centers too!

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Fun Preschool Matching Worksheets for Early Learners

Do you have preschoolers who are raring to go with independent work?

Our youngest learner has always wanted to jump ahead to what she called “big stuff”. She’s a self-motivated child and she loves working on resources on her own.

In the early years, though, it’s important to keep learning as fun as possible.

Which is why this list of fun preschool matching worksheets is perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners!

Preschool Matching Worksheets for Early Learners

There are several themes here, so you can use one of these resources at almost any time of the year.

And you can make them into reusable activities in just a few steps!

Read on to get the full list. Be sure to check out our list of engaging apple books for preschoolers while you’re here!

These fun preschool matching worksheets make it easy to teach early learners how to recognize similar objects!

How to Use Preschool Matching Worksheets

These are no-prep resources, so you can truly just print them and go.

If you use these matching worksheets as a one-time lesson, you’ll only need a few items: (This post contains affiliate links. For details, see our Disclosure Policy.)

Fun Preschool Matching Worksheets for Kids

Each of these preschool resources contains instructions and an answer key.

Just print them out, read the instructions together, and off they go!

If you want to reuse any of these at centers, simply laminate the pages and let students complete them with dry erase markers. Wipe clean and they’re ready to go again the next day.

Check out the full list below.

If you choose one of these, I’d love to know which one your students liked the best!

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Preschool Matching Worksheets for Early Learners

These are a few early learning resources that can help preschoolers and kindergartners practice matching up similar objects!

Each set of worksheets features a different theme that you can use year round!

Plus, you can also use these printables to introduce or reinforce new skills, including counting to ten, spelling with sign language, and recognizing ordinal numbers!

Turn any of these worksheets into math or literacy center activities by laminating the pages and letting students use them with dry erase markers!

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This list of 10 minute easy preschool crafts is perfect for a quick crafting session with little ones!
Share these printable preschool resources with early learners at home or in school! Perfect for hands-on early learning!

Preschool Worksheets: Fall Preschool Worksheets

Fall is such a wonderful time to be a preschooler. I vividly remember my “nursery school” (we didn’t have preschool back then) and going there in the fall was so fun. We read fun books, we ate fall snacks (apples, of course), and the air was crisp and I just loved it.

These days, kids receive a structured education earlier than they used to, but we can certainly make it fun! And that’s why I’ve rounded up some new preschool worksheets: fall preschool worksheets! These are perfect for simple, age-appropriate autumn learning that kids will love!

Printable Fall Preschool Worksheets

If you like this list, be sure to check out our collection of fun preschool worksheets and activities you can use with your kids! We’re adding more all the time!

Make the most of autumn learning for your little one with these fall preschool worksheets!

Preschool Worksheets: Fall Preschool Worksheets

A quick note here: There’s a lot of backlash against using worksheets in preschool these days. And I can understand why that’s the case. Giving four-year-olds paperwork to fill out all day doesn’t sound like much of a childhood.

In our family, we don’t use worksheets to that extent. We use them as a minimal part of our learning day. And my four-year-old loves them! She also loves to play fun learning games, read great preschool stories, and make fun preschool crafts. We try to keep it diverse. 🙂

And now – for the fall preschool worksheets you can add to your learning day too!

1. Farm-Themed Fall Counting Worksheets

2. Fall Color and Trace Worksheets

3. Apple Preschool Scissor Skills Worksheets

4. Pumpkin Sight Word Worksheets

5. Apple Preschool Matching Worksheets

6. Pumpkins Mini Activity Book

7. Pumpkin Preschool Ordinal Number Worksheets

8. Fall Do A Dot Printables

9. Cookie Counting Worksheets for Preschool

10. Fall Sight Word Worksheet

11. Pumpkin Counting and Tracing Worksheets

12. Fall Color by Sight Word Worksheets

13. Fall Tracing Worksheets

14. Fall I Spy Graphing Worksheet

15. Animal Homes Preschool Worksheets

16. Fall Color by Letter Worksheets

17. Fall Maze Worksheets

18. Pumpkin Spin and Trace Worksheets

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Use these fall preschool worksheets to help your little ones learn all autumn long!